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"MIK is an open platform that harnesses the user’s data to enable advanced portfolio/fund management. It aggregates data from any data source transforming, enriching and producing meaningful information, analysis and action relevant to each firms exacting requirements.

MIK does the heavy lifting, allowing the user to focus on decision making and running efficient investment operations."

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Order Management System

MIK has focused on Integrated and efficient worklfows that simplifies the trader’s job. From order design, through placement, to fill and allocation, MIK has you covered. More

MIK Data Warehouse

Make your data dynamic: generate information your business can use. Reliable, accurate, enriched data allows your business to run properly and enables your people to make the right strategic and operational decisions. More

MIK Security Master

As the foundation of your business, reference and market data is at the core of everything you do and is the basis for every decision you make. Our Security Master creates that global repository of reference data and helps manage security terms and conditions across your entire organization. More

MIK Price Manager

Price Manager for Centralized Pricing and Valuation: Price Manager is a centralized pricing and market data solution developed to support the complex pricing and valuation requirements of today’s investment managers. More

Think about front-to-back entry and transfer of data and what can go wrong. Integration Management is not a luxury item. It underlies and underscores operational efficiency and effectiveness – within and across internal and external systems. More

MIK Real-Time Portfolio Monitor

Actual, genuine real-time portfolio monitoring allows you to manage portfolios and P&L tied to your investment thesis. The result: a competitive advantage on every trade, in every portfolio, every day - enhancing alpha generation. More

Report Lab

Report Lab is a fully dynamic, robust visualization and reporting application that allows users to instantly generate views and visualizations driven by complex portfolio analytical data. More

MIK Compliance Management

Global regulation is the new normal, and compliance isn’t subject to debate. Whether it is firm/portfolio rule sets or regulatory filings, failure to comply is failure. And you can’t opt-out. We bring you up to the task with our advanced compliance engines so you can confidently focus on your business – generating Alpha. More

MIK Treasury Management

Suppose you could cut your costs, control your risk and improve the management of your counterparty financing relationships to unlock and deliver hidden revenue? Our software does just that. More

MIK Idea Monitor

Idea Monitor enables firms to combine their research, unique work flows, reference/market data, calculations and analysis into an efficient, complete and auditable investment process. More

MIK Broker Relationship Management

What is the true value of your brokerage relationships and how do they compare? Track and justify your broker selection. We not only automate and streamline this task but upgrade the process with our Event Tracking, Commission Management and Broker Vote solution. More

Modular or Comprehensive Delivery Designed To Generate Alpha

Leverage one software to manage the entire business

About MIK

Whether you are traditional or alternative asset manager – consider MIK. We cover all your needs: data warehousing; security master; portfolio analysis; and treasury management. We deliver price management, compliance, and regulatory solutions. Our innovative software meets today’s complexity, effectively managing all the data and intelligence you need in every aspect of your business – either on a modular or comprehensive basis.

Sounds like a lot? It is – we’ve taken on your business complexity and made it digestible, comprehensible, and actionable – to enhance your profitability or to reduce costs.

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