MIK Technology

October 2009

MIK develops a Compensation Modeling application

MIK has developed a Compensation Modeling application that enables a hedge fund management team to model specific scenarios, taking into account legal agreements as well as qualitative distributions of bonus based on individual team member’s contributions. This software was designed specifically for hedge fund compensation, taking into account specific rules and levers that are integral to the process, but are not available with off the shelf products.

August 1999

MIK continues to add hedge funds to its Real-Time Portfolio Monitor platform

MIK is implementing its Real-Time Portfolio Monitor platform at a $2B+ multi-strategy hedge fund client. We are integrating the hedge fund’s OMS, accounting and market data into a customized user front-end, and are also creating an automated, straight-through process for obtaining updated information from, and sending data to the client’s third-party applications. The Real-Time Portfolio Monitor leverages the client’s MIK-built data warehouse capacity to give users sophisticated real-time analysis.

July 1999

MIK adds a $2B multi-strategy hedge fund as a client

We are developing a data warehouse and full end-of-day performance, attribution and exposure reporting, as well as several investor reports. MIK is integrating daily OMS transactions and end-of-day positions from the client’s accounting system, and obtaining market data from Bloomberg.