Our Solutions:

Risk Data Validation, Reporting and Alerts

Portfolio risk applications require a significant amount of data with regard to both security master and position information. Missing information leads to delays and errors in the generation of risk reports. Simple in principal, but more complicated in practice. We understand the data that vendors' systems need, and we help clients ensure that information sent to the vendor is correct.

MIK Differentiator

Our capabilities pre-process data validation, detecting errors and omissions prior to pushing data to risk systems. The ability to send position and security master data that is both complete and correct on trade date allows for accurate risk reporting T+1.

MIK has also built tools to validate the reporting results that the risk vendor returns to the client. This validation ensures that portfolio information ties out with the firm's own data.

Once Risk Data Validation is in place and accurate T+1 risk reporting is being delivered, MIK can make use of this risk information via: