Our Solutions:

Security Master

We believe that reference data management encompasses much more than just static information about securities. What matters is the integration of this data into the investment and reporting process. You need a comprehensive view of your securities that includes issuers, industry codes, risk attributes, liquidity, system ids, benchmarks, pricing, FX rates, and user defined tags. You also need to ensure that all of your data categories are aligned and accessible across the entire enterprise.

MIK Differentiator

What sets MIK's Security Master apart from others is its comprehensive stand-alone functionality as well as its integration into the data warehouse. With its ability to manage and share information across multiple sources, not just a single back-office system, our security master is the cross-reference tool for your applications (e.g. OMS, Accounting, Prime Brokers and Fund Administration books and records) and analysis. This solution allows you to keep security master reference data in sync with other sources, and eliminates the need for maintenance of disparate data sources and/or manual data entry across multiple systems.

MIK Security Master

Security Master provides the following benefits: