Our Solutions:

Real-Time Portfolio Monitor

MIK's holistic approach is revolutionizing the investment management process. At MIK, we believe that front offices needs encompass much more than just tick data and trading PNL. You need a comprehensive real time and historical view of your business that includes PNL, risk, attribution, performance, pricing, FX rates, commission, financing and percentages. You also need to ensure that all of your data categories are aligned and accessible in real time so you can take action.

MIK Differentiator

MIK's PoMo helps you achieve a new way to use your data in real time and look at your world from different vantage points (percentages, strategies, idea rankings , risk measures, cost of carry, time etc.) as you require to make proper investment decisions. Our solution enables you not just to see but ultimately act, giving your more control and oversight of your Alpha generating activities.

Designed as a real time workstation for the CIO, Portfolio Managers, Analysts, COO, CFO, and CRO

Real time PNL, Risk & Compliance Monitoring

View as well as take action

User defined views, interfaces and functions

Real-time mobile device reporting